A large part of venturing off into the alpine alone, and with others, is finding the harmony of the soul. I love to share the journey and the stoke with as many people as possible.

Filming, writing, and making music has been a large part of my life, even before I worked on those skills in University. Music captures a moment better than a photo, or anything I write.

If you want to support my venture, please purchase any album on BandCamp, listen to me on Spotify, or make a donation here.  It actually funds trips, this website, and possibly a book to follow up My Brother Enki.

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Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Promo

I have also teamed up with Montem, to get you some epic deals on some new trekking poles.  The link below is to some carbon fiber 3 piece poles that are under $80, plus they are currently offering 10% off!  You can follow THIS LINK to check out the rest of what Montem has to offer.

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