Harold ‘Happy’ Alfano started filming for YouTube in the Canadian Rockies in 2011, while taking Filmography during his Natural Science degree at the University of Calgary, and began selling his photographs in 2016. Happy Alfano is a highly motivated individual who consistently finds ways to contribute to his work in the mountains and his community.

Midnight Peak, Kananaskis. Fall 2017.

In the winter of 2017, Happy spent all but 5 nights outside, and sought personal development while climbing and skiing alone. While still in the backcountry, he recorded, and produced the ‘Hike on EP‘ using a USB microphone and his Samsung phone.

Hike On – A Freestyle EP Promo Shot

He then founded and ran A Hike for Mental Health, for the Canadian Mental Health Association in July 2017, which exceeded their fundraising goal with $10,560 raised. He was invited by Tommy Vitaly to produce a promo video for the 3 day, 50km fundraiser, using his song ‘Passion’.

Lady MacDonald West Ridge, Kananaskis. Fall 2017.

In December 2017 he was published on The HAVAIII Co.’s blog, ‘Window to the World‘, with photography and print from a trip to the David Thompson area in Alberta.

Tunnel Mountain, Banff. Spring 2018.

He has appeared on several radio stations, and a podcast, in print, and on television, promoting his music, fundraiser, and general mountain saftey. His love for writing, public speaking, and entertaining has only grown since starring in several charity plays, performing on stage in Disneyland, appearing in commercials for The Brick, and acting as an extra in Honey I Shrunk the Kids – The TV Show.

In the Summer of 2018, Happy took a mountaineering course in the Columbia Icefields, while living in Williams Lake BC. His time there was spent training, volunteering, and helping people in the community with meditation and positive thinking. His most recent project is the – SOON TO BE DROPPING – Learning Alpinism Podcast, where he will host guests and discuss the ‘State of the Canadian Rockies’.

The Fortress, Kananaskis. Fall 2017.