Community and standing up for your needs.

Yesterday was truly a rest day.

I did not meditate. I did not run. I sorted out the stuff on my brain, out loud, and to my mentor. It was a strange day.

I have been learning gardening from my mentor. I have been preparing to move into the woods with him, in his off grid community that burnt down in the fires of last year. I did not know that this work would become such a reality so fast.

Communities look out for each other. They offer understanding and forgiveness. You must offer the the same back to join. You must have the hope that they are able to return it, without hindering their own lives. How many times do you forgive before you stand your ground?

You should always stand your ground, but taking a step into the Left happens when your own personal safety, and needs, have been hindered by others in your community. Feeling wronged often leads one to lash out. Doing so can destroy the community, and of course yourself.

Tough love is hardest on the one who delt it. This is always the case if the individual is awake and balanced.