Breath, sleep, recharge.

An enlightening weekend is one with smiles, laughter, and learning.

I found my mentor. I knew I was searching. He knew I was as well. I suppose we both found each other. I am his last student. I am not the same as him, nor the others.

I am reflecting on this weekend in a serious way. Not much happened besides some hard work, meditation, and some solid conversations. I did not make it to the crag. There was no summit. There was no run. My brain felt like it was exploding the entire time. My nights were filled with solid sleep and lessons. A balance was found.

A humbling ride into town set my brain at it again. I bathed. I rested. I ate protien and red foods. Fasting/limiting your physical energy intake in the mountains can be exhausting. Yet I do not feel drained. I am recharged.

I went for my run and now I sit here once again, watching the sun dissapear behind the mountains. I am reflecting on what I learnt. I am relishing on what I know is to come, not for my own enjoyment, but for I now know how to better prepare myself. Serious times and serious summits lay ahead of me on my path. I need to be ready. For myself, and the partner on the other end of the rope. There is still something missing from my life, but I found contentment. And I will wait.