Frankie say RELAX.

Finding the time for yourself. It seems a laughable task. Opening up to the world is difficult when the daily grind shuts down that part of our brains. It is Friday, and those of us who succumb to the work week lifestyle, it is time to relax.

What is relaxing? I am non-stop. Even when I lay down at night to ‘sleep’, I know my day is not over. The learning, the sorting, and the connecting that goes on at night can be just as tiresome as the day. So what is relaxing? I struggle to truly ever relax. The truth about relaxing is the comfort. You need to find where you are comfortable. Whether it is chatting with friends, or walking in the woods, there needs to be a time in your day when you can truly give in.

Relaxing may be about doing less work, and taking the break from the physical. It may also be taking a break from the mental. The spiritual world seems to choose when you get your breaks. The truth in relaxing is giving into your intuition. The programming that goes on in today’s world is shutting down this part of the mind. You work, you come home and shut off the brain with alcohol and TV. Then you repeat. There is truly no time to let it flow.

That is what I love about climbing. I am not a climber at all, and do not pretend to be. I am on a journey. Bagging peaks does not even begin to describe my motivations. Relaxing does. That may not make much sense as the body is under stress in alpine situations. Any bid for a worthy objective will push one to the limit. It is also when I feel the most free.

Currently I am in the woods. Surrounded by the burnt trees of last summer’s forest fires here in British Columbia. I have a ton of work to do this weekend felling trees. I will be trying to squeeze in some fun on a new cliff nearby as well. I am always striving to find the Balance in my life and this weekend I feel blessed.