Find routine, then test it.

Worship is a horrid word. I give thanks. I give thanks for the sun, and the moon. I give thanks for the flora, and the other fauna that are sharing life with me within the grid.

Life is routine. You have zero choice in this matter. The sun rises. It sets. There are seasons, and they, along with the climates created by the alpine, create the weather windows needed. Alpinsim is throwing off the routine.

I keep daily training in mind. I want a healthy body, and a healthy soul, so that when I do get the supported opportunity to venture off into the alpine, I get to do it in a sustainably and safe manner.

Saturday I set aside for rest, or summits. Or fun. I try to keep my mind in the concious, and stimulated with fun. Sunday is for worship.

What do I worship? I worship the Sun. Sol. I worship the energy provided to me. It is a thanks to NK. It is a thanks for his son. It is thanks. for paganism. And it is that thanks for food and shelter. I worship NK, NL, and N. All that is N. N IS the concious energy such as life. N is God. N is us.

Today I have a lot to give thanks for. I suppose I rested of sorts. Training is about mixing up the routine and giving rests to me. As rest day is Saturday, I did not exercise. Today I ran and focused my internal energy. Meditated. Made music. I did not work. The rest of my week is all of the above. As much as I can squeeze in. There is a reason we have a work weeks set up the way we do.

Todays post is not the norm I know. I have read a few strange posts today. A few odd blogs. I am doing the same. Moving forward we are now as one. I wish us the best.

I feel the harmonies in the universes today. I want to share that with you. If you are reading this and want my private Sunday meditation blurbs, drop me a line in a contact form on My Brother Enki. Much love.